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Shop: Game Over?

While I was planning my trip to Amsterdam to see EVERGLOW I googled KPOP shops in the vicinity of Melkweg and I didn’t find anything but I did find one close to the station which is about 30 minutes away from the music hall and I decided to go. I parked my car and took the metro there. The shop is called GAME OVER? and I couldn’t fully grasp what kind of shop it was until I arrived. GAME OVER? is hidden away in Hesselaersteeg, so an alley and I almost passed by it because it doesn’t have anything fancy on the outside. Entering the shop it was already packed with people looking at games.

GAME OVER? is a second hand specialty shop who buys and sells all kinds of cds, dvds, games and gaming platforms like old nintendos, playstations and even tamagotchi but they also specialize in selling secondhand Japanese albums ( SO MUCH VISUAL KEI) for good prices and KPOP albums both new and second hand and every other merchandise you would look for in KPOP. I forgot to take pictures but they sell photocards, dvds and CDs.  They have been there for ages already and have been on TV multiple times because of how extensive their collection is!.

For KPOP they have a nice booklet hanging off the shelf with the new CD’s and DVDs they have and all you have to do is go to the desk and ask for it and they will gladly sell it to you. In general the price isn’t bad at all. Maybe even lower then when you buy it from Amazon or offical shops. For the second hand albums they had a sticker on the outside with name of the album and artist along with information if there is a photocard inside.

Photocard haul from Game Over?

If you’re a kpop fan you know all about photocards, think pokemon trading cards but then with the faces of handsome men and pretty women in KPOP instead. Each album or dvd releases a matching set for each member in the band and the fun part is collecting the person you prefer most or like I do try and get the full set. Theres a whole business behind it to get as much photocards as possible so often fans buy the album to take out the cards and sell the album to people who don’t have it yet but who do not want the cards. Or when your shelves are full. It’s the easiest way to collect the ones you want and of course I fell victim of wanting to collect the cards myself along with buying the albums. I too trade/sell them on my own vinted or instagram account for it.

As I was talking to the owner/worker of GAME OVER? they said they actually buy big sets as well online from sellers to sell in the shop for people who are looking for just photocards. You just come up to the desk and ask to see the artist you’d like to look at and they’ll take out the stacks they have and you can go through them. Theyre already priced too so it’s easy to pick which you want or don’t want. So are you looking for photocards, stop opening up the albums in the shops and go to Game Over in Amsterdam if you’re dutch or not too far away from Amsterdam or follow the people who sell them on instagram and get your bias from there?

Much like this; Cheki (polaroid photo’s) are a thing for Visual Kei fans the difference however is that these are only to be bought at shows and at second hand shops across Japan; unfortunatly these are still hard to come by in the Netherlands but I’m fairly sure you can find the ones you’re looking for across facebook and instagram these days.


the amount of albums both second hand as new they have is quite extensive. Name an artist and they will have it at this shop. Including japanese artists. I spotted albums and dvds by my favorite artists and I contemplated buying them just to have them but I decided against it because I haven’t been playing much Visual Kei these days but I might go back and check out their 3 euro section again to find my favorite artists like Pentagon or a DVD that I still love. I also saw a good amount of older tapes and dvds by Moi dix Moix in a case so for the people that want to go wild go buy it there!

Korean albums in all their weird shapes and sizes are also on sale, the ones without photocards obviously are cheaper than the new ones or the ones with the photocards added in. Just ask the guy behind the counter for more information when you’re looking to by.

Other items
They also sell lightsticks, Anime, Japanese toys, posters and of course buy everything you don’t need anymore.  My overall enjoyment of this shop was the variety of items and from old and new combined and it’s all a little bit niche but still super fun, The people who work there are so nice and we stood a while to discuss EVERGLOW playing that day and the other artists that are coming to The Netherlands. Please check this shop out when you can but with the cold please don’t forget to close the door when you leave!

photo by game over? on facebook!

Hasselaerssteeg 12
Amsterdam, 1012 MB, Nederland (The Netherlands)


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