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Artist: BØJEONG – [Neom 0541]

BØJEONG was born with the value of being another world and escape for the public, they have the will and ambition to share what they see, hear, and feel while flying freely outside the world.
In 2023, BØJEONG announced their departure with their first single ‘Hatch’, followed by the second single ‘Inconsolable’ and finally  their first album (EP) ‘Neom 0541’. Consisting 5 songs the album shows the sense of theme they have built since their start 6 months ago, showing off they’re tightly connected through their art.  Let’s look forward to seeing what changes they will bring about and how they will document their journey as they continue to sail the skies and advocate for freedom.
The band ‘BØJEONG’ consists of 5 members. Kang Hmm (vocal/guitar), Ryu Kyungsun (guitar), Seo Mingwang (drums), Jeong Hwankyu (bass), and Park Sangkyu (engineer).

[Neom 0541]

The album is a collection of words from the survivors of the city to the unjust who have arrived in a city called Neom, and it started with the idea of what kind of world we would be facing if we left things as they are.
We started preparing the album at the same time as we formed the band, so it’s very much a reflection of our worldview,
The story begins in their hideout in the deserted wasteland (‘Den’) and gradually zooms in on the root cause. The five tracks, which depict the city’s former glory and the lives of the survivors (“Unreal,” “Hyenoid”), face reality and accept the pain of loss (“FAST”), or finally overcome it all and find hope (“Wick”), provide an emotional escape to a better world, in line with the post-apocalyptic worldview that runs through the entirety of BØJEONG’s music.
The sonic aspects that support the distinct narrative also play an integral role in the storytelling: sometimes minimalist electronics with all extraneous sounds muted, other times full-band sounds that soar with exhilaration, and still other times acoustic performances that flow organically to capture the full amplitude of subtle emotions. The skillfulness of the composers in finding the right sound to match the pace and density of the story is an important factor in the sensory pleasure that comes from the alignment of form and subject matter in a piece of work, making it feel like you’re watching a movie.


The album consists of 5 songs. Starting with the intro song Den, Which at first gives me the creeps but it’s truly a match for the entire album. Followed by Unreal, this song really gives me the vibes of taking off with a space ship and going into orbit. I love it and I was hooked on the album right way after hearing it. Hyenoid is the third song on the album and I think this might be my absolute favorite. Everything about this song makes me want to dance but also relax back and just listen to the vocals and perfect music.

Last to the final song is FAST, the song is slow and melancholic. Both music and vocals are easy to bring across the vibe BØJEONG is trying to get across. To be honest, it’s been the best new album for driving around for me. I haven’t checked the lyrics for any of the songs yet but I usually try to not find out what the songs are about because the music can usually bring a lot of the feelings across with great artists, much like BØJEONG.

Final (unfortunatly) song is Wick with spacey sounds, you really feel like you’re in orbit and just landed on a new planet. Ready to explore. This song is the perfect ending to the album though, it leaves for more exploring to me.

I absolutely adore this album and I am happy to have something this perfect in my life. I am really rooting for this band’s success and I hope you enjoy the album as much as I do. BØJEONG is a band we need to keep watching and promoting to everyone we can. Their vocalist and the music is the perfect match.



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