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Series: Let’s talk about CHU

Part-time vlogger Chu Ai uses her channel to speak candidly about sex. But in real life, she finds that subject to be so much trickier. Join her and her family on an emotional rollercoaster as each member of the Chu family faces their  own dilemma in love. Will it end marriages, friendships and family bonds?  This series is 18+, it depicts sexual scenes, alcohol, smoking and gambling and is not appropriate for underage viewing.

Chu Ai, a young wax technician, lives by her motto “Only Sex, No Love” starts her own vlog about sexual education. Talking openly about dating, tantra and sex toys. As her family enters some rough waters within their relationships and communication; the family battles their own demons and through self-discovery and take us on the ride with them.

愛愛內含光 (爱爱内含光) –  Ai Ai Nei Han Guang – Let’s Talk About CHU
also known as:
Love Love Has Light In It , Love Love Contains Light , Ai Ai Nei Han Kuang ,
Country: Taiwan
Language: Taiwanese
Genre: Romantic
Release Date: 02 February 2024
Duration: 43 to 53 minutes per episode
Episodes: 8 episodes
Locations filmed: Taiwan
Content Rating: 18+ Restricted (violence & profanity)

Directors: Remii Huang
Writer: Remii Huang, River Wu (吳美枝), Lo Ya Li (羅芽里)
Stars: Chan Tzu Hsuan, Kai Ko, Miao Ke Li, Honduras, Kimi Hsia, Lin Zhe Xi, Umin Boya, Wu Jian He, Christopher Lung (隆宸翰), Joy Yang (楊育承), Angel Lee (李雪)
Helena Hsu, Wang Yu Xuan (王渝萱), Cheng Chih Wei (鄭志偉), Phoebe Lin, Margaret Wang, Wu Kun Da (吳昆達), Hsieh Chang Ying (謝章穎), J.C. Lin


Because I watched another series with J.C. Lin ( At The Moment & The Bridge Curse ) I usually find my series based on characters/actors that I like. After watching At The Moment Netflix recommended me Let’s Talk About CHU. And let me tell you, I was shocked with the amount of nudity and mention of sex in these series…. honestly do NOT watch this with a minor. The thing I like most that this series explores many different storylines. It’s idea was to base it around Chu Ai but it explores the other family members just as much as her. Her sister, brother, parents and even Chou Ping-ke and her sisters husbands stories. It’s only 8 episodes but as they are around an hour long it took me a bit to get through it but still watched it back to back whenever I had the time. It made me laugh a whole bunch of times to but did miss some indept things and would love to see spin offs of each of the family members.  In the end I noticed I was more interested in the other stories then Chu Ai’s story but explaining her character at the end of the show really opened my eyes to her mindset. .. also how cute is Kai Ko here? 

All in all if you like drama, same sex story lines and just things to laugh about but also serious topics like cheating and sexual health you should give this series a try. I liked it!



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