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Japan’s record-breaking girl band SCANDAL becomes JPU Records’ 100th CD release with bright new album LUMINOUS. The 11-track release is the band’s 11th studio album and is also available to download and stream from today, alongside the premiere of brand-new music video ‘Fanfare’, the opening theme to female-led racing anime HIGHSPEED Étoile.

London-based Japanese music specialists JPU Records is excited to announce that the album will be its 100th CD release. To mark the special milestone, and to celebrate the power of SCANDAL, four physical editions of LUMINOUS will be released overseas, each one containing unique cover art and packed with bonus exclusive content that’s available in English for the first time. It’s available to pre-order now.

LUMINOUS follows SCANDAL’s recognition by Guinness World Records as “the longest running rock band with the same musicians (female)“. The band states that the album might be their most honest and open to-date, and sees them throw out their own rule book in order to write material in a deeper way than ever before. LUMINOUS includes fast-paced tracks such as ‘Line of sight’, chosen as a tie-in to arcade game Mobile Suit Gundam Arsenal Base LINXTAGE where it plays during key battles and action scenes, as well as bitter-sweet pop tracks, a song influenced by their 90s / 2000s roots, and even a track written out of frustration from a cancelled world tour leg as a member is quarantined to a hotel room thousands of miles from home.

JPU Records’ four editions of LUMINOUS are; the Magazine Edition, including “her” Magazine vol.4, an A4 64-page publication printed in English that’s packed with exclusive photos and interviews with the band; The Video Edition, sporting an hour-long video on demand SCANDAL documentary entitled “her Diary 2023: Special Edition”, offering a special look into the production of LUMINOUS and SCANDAL’s journey to this point in their career and featuring English subtitles for the first time; The T-shirt Edition, featuring the official double-sided LUMINOUS t-shirt, printed in one of five sizes especially for international fans; and the Standard CD Edition. All editions also include JPU Records’ exclusive extra booklet featuring English lyric translations and Romaji lyric transliterations, so fans can enjoy the lyrics regardless of Japanese language skills.

All four versions are available to pre-order now exclusively from



SCANDAL is a group we have been following for a while, seeing them release this album along with it being JPU Records 100th release we couldn’t stop ourselves from wanting to promote this with our readers and review the newest album of this power group. Single: SCANDAL was the last we reviewed.

LUMINOUS Tracklist

1. Gunjō pleats (群青pleats)
2. Fanfare (ファンファーレ)
3. Watashi-tachi (私たち)
4. Plum
6. Vision
8. Line of sight
9. Anata e (あなたへ)
10. 1:47
11. Highlight no Nakade Bokura Zutto (ハイライトの中で僕らずっと)

Starting off the album with the song Gunjō pleats; This song is soft and feels very OST to me, the balance between the soft vocals along with the playful riffs makes it for a good start of the album to set the mood. Though reading the lyrics the song has a bitter feel at the beginning but I feel like in the end the writer came to terms with these feelings.

Most of the songs on the album have a happy riff but with sad lyrics which is a little … confusing because I want to happy dance along to the music but then when I read the lyrics I want to sit and pout but I just go back to dancing because the album is so good. Fanfare is about finding your power and hope again but then followed by that you have Watashi-Tachi and Plum both super positive songs but with sad missing love and break up lyrics.

Candy starts with a blues-y riff and feel. It’s a very melancholic song and I love it. Perfect for those slow days. Vision is a good follow up with a more raw start but the vocals and the guitars mash well together in this song. LOOP reminds me of a U2 song; it’s the perfect girl rock feeling to me. I can’t help but bob my head to the song. This is my favorite song; perfect for those days where you need a pick me up.

Line of Sight is the perfect follow up for LOOP with the same type of feeling but more aggression while keeping it happy and danceable. This is a good running song to me; high tempo and good beat. Anata e follows in the steps the previous song with high tempo and a good beat. Real good song too.

1:47 starts so unique and I love it. The perfect ‘I’m glad we broke up’ song. Perfect for singing along during long car rides! So good! And then we have the last song. Highlight np Naka de Bokura Zutto~ is a danceable song aswell; it’s good in the different tempo’s and way of singing. I really enjoy listening to this album. Please check it out on your favorite players. Buy the new album and enjoy SCANDAL!

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