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Concertreview: Everglow: Amsterdam 27-01-2024

Everglow graced Europe in January and us at Saetori had the chance to witness two shows. I myself went to the show in Amsterdam and our new writer Mia got to see the one in the UK and the experiences were so different. We will start out with my review in Amsterdam; I arrived much too early as I always do and the street leading up to the well known Melkweg in Amsterdam was already packed. Though this year you are not allowed to queue up in front of the venue anymore so people had to wait a little bit further down the street. Having sold some pre-entry VIP tickets these fans had already showed up at 5 AM that morning and braved the icy cold weather in Amsterdam all day only to get extremely stressed with the way the line got set up. With the help of some staff they finally managed to be able to enter the queue first and make their way inside and I got my press ticket not long after and had to struggle my way up to the front to take a couple of pictures. 


When the show finally started the totally sold out and absolutely packed Melkweg erupted in screams and cheers for the group to come to the stage. Starting with the song First, followed by SLAY had the room already bouncing and singing along to their songs. Everyone was cheering on their favorite member and when the started with PIRATE the room exploded even more.

After this I had to sit to the side for the rest of the show, Watching the fans and the group on stage from the side was a lot of fun too; actually being able to watch the interactions between fans and groupmembers along with the groupmembers among each other. After 5 songs they split up into groups and did a couple of cover songs. Unholy by Sam Smith was mostly dancing but Shout out to my ex was fun to watch. It also showed individually how good the members voices are.

With a couple more of their own songs of which DUN DUN was obviously well received again just like when I saw them in Rotterdam and they did a couple of covers again.  When they started teasing the fans with already being almost to the end of the concert they got a lot of loud calls that they didn’t want it to end yet so they took their time to chat and have fun together and with the fans. The funnest I saw was Sihyeon throwing ‘love’ with a fan, both of them going with a bigger ‘love’ each time and it made me laugh seeing Sihyeon starting to act like she was hit hard with it, Lifting it to throw it back. It was the cutest display and I couldn’t help but laugh at her just having fun with the fan like that. When the other members noticed what she was doing they were so confused which made it even funnier.

When they finished with Bon Bon Chocolat everyone was waving their light sticks and giving their all for the last song before they had some fun taking the last picture together. It was a great night for Everglow fans. I’m sure.


Unholy(Sam Smith cover)
Shout Out to My Ex (Little Mix cover)
Don’t Speak
Oh Ma Ma God
Lovesic Girls / Fast Forward / 3D / Tomboy
Back Together
Bon Bon Chocolat



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