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Movie: Hello Ghost!

Ah Wei, who is tired of his life and desperate for death, finds that his many suicide attempts are continuously being thwarted by four ghosts. Unexpectedly, these ghosts, which refuse to let Ah Wei die, bring into his life new meaning through an unbelievable and moving adventure

Hello Ghost (Korean original story)

Native Title: 我的麻吉4個鬼
Also Known As: Happy Ghost , Wo Te Ma Chi 4 Ko Kuei , Wo De Ma Ji 4 Ge Gui , Wo De Ma Ji Si Ge Gui , 我的麻吉4个鬼
Country: Taiwan
Release Date: Aug 18, 2023
Director: Hsieh Pei Ju
Duration: 1 hr. 40 min.
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Supernatural
Cast: Tseng Jing Hua, Ivy Shao, Lu Yi Ching, Chang Tsai Hsing, Tsai Jia Yin, Hong Jun Hao


I didn’t know this series was a remake of the 2010 Korean original but I did enjoy the story. I’m not one to really check out the synopsis under the text; I usually click because the first picture looks interesting and then watch the trailer that comes up and as I was looking for something chill and funny I didn’t expect the movie to take such a turn at the end. I cried and I cried so much. Luckily though there wasn’t any jump scares or super tense scenes. Everything is rather light and easy; even the approach of depression and it is a lot about love and coming to terms with the inevitable.

I really did enjoy it however; it was a light watch with some humor but it ends in a bath of tears so be prepared with tissues if you watch this. But it’s good; i liked the cast and the way things are portrayed. This movie is a recommended watch.

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