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Concert Review: FATE GEAR: ZAANDAM – 10-05-2024

Fate Gear (stylized as FATE GEAR) is a Japanese female heavy metal band from Tokyo, formed in 2015 by guitarist Mina. Their concept is steampunk pirate. Arriving at the venue a little before the show I noticed that FLUX Zaandam is a pretty nice place to have shows but unfortunatly it’s location doesn’t seem very good. Luckily I usually go everywhere by car so for me it was ok but maybe for the people who rely on public transportation it isn’t the best location.

I have been familiar with the band FATE GEAR for a couple of years now because usually these types of bands pop up when I’m researching or listening to other bands. ( like LOVEBITES or BRIDEAR ) though the bands aren’t fully similar in terms of concept. I was excited to see another full female band; They always work extra hard on their songs due to the difficulties women face in the world of metal. FLUX was rather empty which was too bad because these girls can really rock a place. I think in total only 30 to 40 people showed up to the show. There was an option to do a meet and greet and when FATE GEAR stood selling and signing their own merchandise and took pictures on the stage with the people there.  When the time finally came to perform the hall had filled up a little bit more, It was nice to hear them get the biggest cheer imagineable.


  1. The Generation of Chaos
  2. Headless Goddess
  4. The Sky Pirates
  5. Draw You Dagger
  6. Battle Against Justice
  7. Adventure In the East
  8. Romancer
  9. Winds of Fall
  10. Nocturnal Moon
  11. suicidal heart
  12. Lose My Voice
  13. Isolation
  14. Be Invincible!
  15. Fate Gear
  16. Encore: Live in Blood

The band started of strong with blasting into The Generation of Chaos, It was great seeing the way the band works together and are able to put down an amazing set that anyone can enjoy. It was too bad that there were so little people because I really felt like the location was far too empty and I’d love seeing them play a big crowd to see some moshes and dancing going. However it absolutely didn’t take away from the quality the band displayed as they powered through their set. Taking their time to talk with the fans here and there.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show and seeing women in their power like this and would love to go see them again sometime. Thank you to FATE GEAR and De Flux for having me.

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