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Review: Whee In: Tilburg – 14-05-2024

Whee In debuted as a member of the girlgroup Mamamoo in 2014 but has since had a debuted as a solo artist. Having already released one single album Soar and two EP’s  Redd and Whee and now her latest studio album In The Mood to which the current tour was named after. Her style is mostly R&B and Kpop and in May she hit only a couple of European dates after starting her Asian tour in January. Next to Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila, Taipei and Tokyo she came to Warsaw, Helsinki and the show this review is about Tilburg before setting off to the USA.

The show was on a Tuesday so after my full time job I sped off on my hour ride to Tilburg, 013 is one of my favorite halls too be but I was a little bummed that last moment my photography pass was cancelled. So I’ll only add a couple of mobile photo’s and videos to the review.

Arriving in Tilburg and coming out of the garage I’m never ready for the shock I get when I see everyone lined up, I had a fun time just looking at the different ways the fans had dressed up and was happy to join the fan project with banners that were being given out and blue stickers to put on the lens of my phone flash. Please let me know who organized this specific event because I’d love to join more events in the future! While I went to sit down because the line was far too long for me to stand the entire time I met a girl sitting there too and we got to talking. We found out we had tickets for the same location so just decided to stick together and discuss Mamamoo and other KPOP groups a little before we went in and found our spots.

It took a while for the show to start but in the meanwhile we met another fan that came all the way from Germany specifically for Whee In and we had a great time chatting and watching the show when it started.


The Show

The lights finally went out and the screams were deafening; all the lightsticks shot up in the air and I always love just watching and hearing people cheer for their favorite artist. With the first song I knew the show was going to be good. Whee In was backed up by 4/6 dancers and while singing pitch perfect the entire show she also continued to dance and didn’t want to leave the stage to change microphones or to have her make up touched up. She just stood in the middle of the stage and had the crew come to her so she could continue to talk with the fans and look at them. This isn’t something I’d seen someone from a girl group do but then I remembered Mamamoo are just that down to earth and it really gave a really nice breath of fresh air.

The entire show we danced, sang along and cheered for Whee In on stage and she’s absolutely incredibly when it comes to singing and having fun on the stage. The feeling of the entire show was rather intimate unlike it’s with groups that I’ve seen because there’s always the talk between the members of the group before the fans with the crowd and with Whee In she talked specifically with the crowd. It was fun and an amazing show and I hope to be able to catch the other girls OR Mamamoo sometimes in the future too!




  • VCR pre-recorded video
  • I Know I Know I Know (Beyond)
  • water color
  • Spark
  • EASY
  • Bite Me
  • Butterfly
  • Paraglide
  • Make Me Happy
  • VCR pre-recorded video
  • Deserve
  • On The Island
  • Dance 4 You
  • 17
  • In The Mood (Extended Dance Outro)
  • Shh (Unreleased)
  • Pastel
  • Here I Am
  • VCR pre-recorded video
  • OHOO
  • VCR pre-recorded video
  • Fan Video Project
  • Springtime
  • D‐DAY
  • Wheee

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