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Review: Ichika Nito: Amsterdam – 15-05-2024

Ichika Nito gained most of his fame through Youtube; Posting shorts and videos of covers and original songs he’s made but has now established the name of the Best Guitar Player of Japan. His style is truly impressive, playing in a way that’s described by other guitar players as impossible and it’s really no wonder that the show in Amsterdam this year was absolutely sold out. I had personally never heard of his music but that’s more because I’ve been less on the Japanese side of music and also normally I would classify it as “Too Jazzy” for my taste but let me tell you, It’s absolutely untrue. The sounds he’s able to produce on the guitar were able to send the entire Melkweg into a state of dreams but in the positive sense of the word.

I was a little worried to be there that night as the stage was rather low, the crowd was slowly packing the little upstairs venue along with the sitting set up that I couldn’t take any pictures during the show but that wasn’t the case.

Video by Riffyboy on youtube

As far as I know from looking up youtube videos, Ichika Nito played: Awakening, Lost, The World is Beautiful, Isolation, Branching Paths, Window. Among others I can’t find a setlist for the show but the atmosphere in the room was amazing. I’ve never heard a crowd so silent listening to someone play guitar. For the first time I think the ‘Dutch Disease’ wasn’t too bad. Ichika Nito took his time playing his songs and chatting in broken english with the people around and it’s a night I’ll never forget and I encourage everyone to go see his set live when you can because it’s absolutely beautiful. He also informed us that he recently got married and he got the biggest applause for it!


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There isn’t much I can say about this show; It was straight forward with him playing the guitar in a quiet room and almost everyone had their breath taken away. Please give him a shot whenever you see him on youtube, spotify or on a poster announcing a concert.



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