About Us



On this website you can find reviews on dramas, movies, albums, concerts, restaurants we’ve visited and Asian artists we have interviewed. You can also find information on history, myths and legends. We write about the places we go to, the trips we take that are Asia related and actually everything Asian-related we can think of.

Feel free to tell us on what you would like us to cover, interact with us on our facebook page or on our Twitter, We have an instagram account as well so we can be followed where ever we are and keep you updated!

Origin and goals
Saetori originated from an idea and need on September 14th, 2017, with Korean skin care and music booming through the world, fashion and movies from Japan and the history of the innovatory China. Us at Saetori want to explore different sides from these countries. From music and fashion to history and food. We would like to write about anything that inspires and interests us, we would like to show you, not only the vibrant and modern now, but also the dark pasts and things you might or might not know. We will dig into the history and culture of these countries, tell you the ups and downs, hypes and fashion trends and much more. If you have any request or want us to cover a certain topic, feel free to contact us!

The name
The name was carefully picked. We have thought long about it, we wanted something that would not only fit us but also our content. We decided to go with the following words:
Sae –  This is Korean for new, but it can also means bird.
Tori – This is Japanese for birds as well.
Since we want to bring you the newest stories like a pigeon used to do back in the days, we went for the name New Bird, or better known as Saetori.


At the current time with Saetori ever-changing, we’ve gained and lost writers/reporters, right now Saetori Consists of only one person but the other writers still have their names linked.

  • Marjoleine – Owner (manager), reporter, photographer, social media. The Netherlands based
  • Mia –  Reporter, videographer, social media. UK based

Occasionally we’re helped by different people in reporting certain events or translations.