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Is Visual Kei dead?

Marjoleine Spitse
When I got into Japanese rock/metal when I was much younger in 2007 Visual Kei was quite the happening with bands like The GazettE, An...
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Review: Taste of Asia 2023

Marjoleine Spitse
While browsing the news paper our eye fell on an event we also got on Facebook that was fairly close by to where we live....
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Review: 2023 Korean Culture Festival powered by Hyundai, 13 juni in AFAS Live Amsterdam

Marjoleine Spitse
Tuesday 13th of June it happened, the 2023 Korean Culture Festival powered by Hyundai, I travelled to Amsterdam to be there along with a whole...
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Announcement: 2023 Korean Culture Festival powered by Hyundai (ENG+NL) (13th June 2023)

Marjoleine Spitse
KPOP is conquering the world and even The Netherlands is becoming crazy for this extremely popular music genre from South Korea. On Tuesday June 13th...
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Get Ready To Be Wowed by New K-Pop Boy Group XODIAC in Debut Music Video “Throw A Dice” Boys who are hitting the European stage for their first showcase!

Marjoleine Spitse
Color Star Technology Company, Touch Music Live and Orientouch Entertainment are proud to announce the debut of a brand-new K-pop boy group XODIAC that will...
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